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Why Creative Launchpad exists

Creative Launchpad exists to make graphic designers' lives better by helping them have a business that lives in alignment with their values, goals and life.

Upcoming Event

Brunch by the Beach

28th March 2023 - Papamoa Surf Lifesaving Club
10am - Midday

Join us at the Papamoa Surf Club for a unique event designed for freelance graphic designers! Enjoy a delicious brunch by our mates at Elspeth while connecting with other talented freelancers. Whether you’re a newbie in business or a seasoned freelancer, don’t miss out on this warm and welcoming opportunity to connect, learn, and grow!

Feature articles

If your background is in print graphic design & branding, you're likely familiar with designing fixed size collateral like business cards, a DLE flyer or a magazine cover. This is a key difference with web design — the width is flexi and the height is scrollable...

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Colour is one of the most significant drivers of first impressions, so it’s important to get it right for your website design. You’re not designing the website for you or your client...

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As creatives, things like time management don’t always come naturally. We’d rather be designing a cool new logo for a client, or coming up with a fresh tagline for a new brand...

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The team behind Creative Launchpad work at Rocketspark, a code-free website builder platform by graphic designers, for graphic designers. We are dedicated to helping you create beautiful websites fast. 

Creative Launchpad

Creative Launchpad is the community for graphic designers seeking business and design confidence. This is a place to learn, connect and be inspired. Welcome to the fam! 

What is a design partner

A Rocketspark design partner creates websites for their clients on the Rocketspark platform. It is completely free to become a design partner and you can earn commission on your clients' sites.

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