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A community for graphic designers seeking business and design confidence

A place to learn, connect & be inspired

Why Creative Launchpad exists

Creative Launchpad exists to make graphic designers' lives better by helping them have a business that lives in alignment with their values, goals and life.

Feature articles

Conquering distractions: The freelancer's guide to focus

Freelancing isn’t a walk in the park. Designers often leave agency life dreaming of a more relaxed and independent work-life balance, only to find that freelancing is high-pressure and requiresRead more

How should a graphic designer prepare for a cost of living crisis?

Businesses typically spend less on marketing during a recession. When demand decreases, businesses often need to cut costs to maintain profitability. Design and marketing budgets are often one of theRead more

Which industries are more likely to be recession resistant for graphic designers and how to win with them?

While no industry is entirely recession-proof, some industries tend to be more resilient than others during economic downturns. It can be helpful to identify recession resistant  industries you areRead more

8 little wins for clients and designers. Income generating ideas in recessionary times

Generating additional revenue as a freelance graphic designer during recessionary times, can be challenging yet possible through creative strategies for your website clients that can be producedRead more

Will AI replace graphic designers? Predicting the future of graphic design

Working in technology for the last 14 years, friends often say to me “wow, how do you keep up, your industry moves so quickly!” While it might seem like that to someone outside the industry, inRead more

Designing in Harmony: Balancing Passion Projects and Client Work

Graphic designers are at heart, artists and creatives. No, they don’t spend all day painting or drawing, yes, they may work for an organisation or freelance to an array of business clients, butRead more

Celebrating Strength and Empowerment: Reflections from International Women's Day 2024

This International Women's Day, I had the wonderful opportunity to join a gathering that truly resonated with the spirit of celebration, reflection, and empowerment. As Kendyl, the Marketing Manager Read more

Cultivating Self-Confidence and Resilience as a Freelancer

Solopreneurship, freelancing or whatever you want to call it has immense benefits. Freedom and autonomy are massive drawcards, as ditching the nine-to-five means creating a work-life balance that suiRead more

Turning tumbles into triumphs: Simon’s take on overcoming failure

Failure - it terrifies us all. Yet we’ve all been told at some point that “we learn from our mistakes.” Simon Dowding is a solopreneur who has been in the freelance game since 2020, afterRead more

Ethics and the power of AI

Chances are you that read about the controversial AI image that won this year's Sony World Photography Awards open category. German Photographer Boris Eldagsen submitted the image under the guise ofRead more

The Nexus of Value and Brand as a Solopreneur

Our intrinsic value as people is what sets us apart from the rest. After all, David Beckham didn’t sign a $250 million deal with LA Galaxy after leaving Real Madrid for nothing - it was hisRead more

Why you should invest in your business savvy knowledge as a freelance designer

As a solopreneur one of the best things you can do for your career is to upskill and stay relevant. It’s easy to put training to the side when you are juggling client demands and deadlines, theRead more

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The team behind Creative Launchpad work at Rocketspark, a code-free website builder platform by graphic designers, for graphic designers. We are dedicated to helping you create beautiful websites fast. 

Creative Launchpad

Creative Launchpad is the community for graphic designers seeking business and design confidence. This is a place to learn, connect and be inspired. Welcome to the fam! 

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A Rocketspark design partner creates websites for their clients on the Rocketspark platform. It is completely free to become a design partner and you can earn commission on your clients' sites.

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