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Why Creative Launchpad exists

Creative Launchpad exists to make graphic designers' lives better by helping them have a business that lives in alignment with their values, goals and life.

Feature articles

Turning tumbles into triumphs: Simon’s take on overcoming failure

Failure - it terrifies us all. Yet we’ve all been told at some point that “we learn from our mistakes.” Simon Dowding is a solopreneur who has been in the freelance game since 2020, afterRead more

Ethics and the power of AI

Chances are you that read about the controversial AI image that won this year's Sony World Photography Awards open category. German Photographer Boris Eldagsen submitted the image under the guise ofRead more

The Nexus of Value and Brand as a Solopreneur

Our intrinsic value as people is what sets us apart from the rest. After all, David Beckham didn’t sign a $250 million deal with LA Galaxy after leaving Real Madrid for nothing - it was hisRead more

Why you should invest in your business savvy knowledge as a freelance designer

As a solopreneur one of the best things you can do for your career is to upskill and stay relevant. It’s easy to put training to the side when you are juggling client demands and deadlines, theRead more

Unlocking the creative flow: Setting the stage for uninterrupted inspiration

Creativity is intrinsic to a designer’s career, yet as we all know, sometimes inspiration runs dry and we can find ourselves in a serious creative rut. For freelance designers, maintaining creativeRead more

Designing with purpose: The impact of socially conscious graphic design

In a digital world where great visual content and brands have the ability to influence how people think, graphic designers have the unique opportunity to help make positive change. From social issuesRead more

Designing your worth: How to price your graphic design services

When designers transition from employment to freelancing there are a few hurdles to overcome; a massive one is money. We all know that money is still a bit of a taboo topic in New Zealand society,Read more

Embracing Upskilling: a freelancer's journey to success

Freelance life comes with some serious perks; being your own boss, prioritising clients and work you’re passionate about, and freedom of course. Yet that doesn’t mean it's easy, without theRead more

Finding success, the 2nd time freelancing

“There are so many people that are afraid or just wait for things to come to them in life. If that's the way you are, it would pay to think seriously about whether the freelancer life is reallyRead more

Navigating business as a designer - Q&A from Brunch by the Beach Christchurch

Are you struggling with setting the right price for your services? Or perhaps you're unsure about the most effective onboarding process for new clients?  Abby, Nicole, and Serena, are three seasonedRead more

Managing your mindset as a designer - Q&A from Brunch by the Beach Christchurch

This Q&A session explores the often-overlooked aspect of entrepreneurship: mindset. Nicole, Serena, and Abby, three designers, open up about the mental and emotional facets of running a business.Read more

Starting out and working in a design business - Q&A from Brunch by the Beach Christchurch

From building a client base to understanding the importance of networking and keeping up with technology, to the value of 'passion projects' and the intricacies of agency work—this interview is aRead more

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The team behind Creative Launchpad work at Rocketspark, a code-free website builder platform by graphic designers, for graphic designers. We are dedicated to helping you create beautiful websites fast. 

Creative Launchpad

Creative Launchpad is the community for graphic designers seeking business and design confidence. This is a place to learn, connect and be inspired. Welcome to the fam! 

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