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Creative Launchpad exists to make graphic designers' lives better by helping them have a business that lives in alignment with their values, goals and life.

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Navigating business as a designer - Q&A from Brunch by the Beach Christchurch

Are you struggling with setting the right price for your services? Or perhaps you're unsure about the most effective onboarding process for new clients?  Abby, Nicole, and Serena, are three seasonedRead more

Managing your mindset as a designer - Q&A from Brunch by the Beach Christchurch

This Q&A session explores the often-overlooked aspect of entrepreneurship: mindset. Nicole, Serena, and Abby, three designers, open up about the mental and emotional facets of running a business.Read more

Starting out and working in a design business - Q&A from Brunch by the Beach Christchurch

From building a client base to understanding the importance of networking and keeping up with technology, to the value of 'passion projects' and the intricacies of agency work—this interview is aRead more

Crafting emotionally engaging websites

Humans are meaning-makers. We are constantly seeking for a reason, a connection or a relation to the world around us. User Experience (UX) Design understands this principle intimately, it’s job is Read more

6 quick ways to edit the copy you get from your client

For many web designers and developers, getting copy is the biggest hold-up in their project timeline. Often, clients haven't thought about their website content. They just want a website. So when youRead more

Hey designer - are you wondering how much web design could add to your business?

From designing logos to print material, a business’s overall branding concept, marketing content, packaging, advertisements and so much more - there’s plenty of cool, creative stuff that rests onRead more

Natalie’s story: Breaking the stigma of the ‘9 to 5’ as a graphic designer

Dolly Parton was certainly onto something about the whole ‘working 9 to 5’ business, and how you’re often barely getting by because it’s all taking and no giving. Which is why many of us turnRead more

Resilience and reinvention: a designer's journey of freelancing and motherhood

Re-entering the workforce after taking time off can be terrifying, there’s no doubt about it. This is the reality for countless women with professional careers, who face the daunting prospect ofRead more

The importance of having a good mindset as a small business

Starting a small business is an exciting transition to make. And for Claire and Beka, starting The Renew Room, there was plenty of motivation to do so. Both in a time of their life with young childreRead more

The graphic designers guide to making your life better with Chat-GPT

We’ve been a little slow out the gate with our first post about Chat-GPT and the AI (artificial intelligence) behind it. Why? We’ve been too busy playing with Chat-GPT and every day we’re findiRead more

Should I charge an urgent rate to clients?

An urgent rate is a higher hourly rate for work that requires an urgent turnaround. But why would you need this? Early in your freelancing journey, you might jump at the chance for any billableRead more

1st year of business vs 2nd year of business + getting into a routine as a small business owner

Minja van der Paard from Relatable Design Co doesn’t sugarcoat the first year of being a small business owner.  “It was crazy and chaotic, juggling two jobs plus life. I don’t even have kidsRead more

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Creative Launchpad

Creative Launchpad is the community for graphic designers seeking business and design confidence. This is a place to learn, connect and be inspired. Welcome to the fam! 

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