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What is the Creative Launchpad community?

Creative Launchpad is a community for graphic designers seeking business and design confidence. This is a place to learn, connect and be inspired.

Creative Launchpad exists to make graphic designers' lives better by helping them have a business that lives in alignment with their values, goals and life. 

Who are the community team?

Olivia Bennett

Partner Community Manager

I am your go to gal for all things Creative Launchpad! My favourite thing about the Creative Launchpad community is how you can come together with others in the same boat (being a freelance graphic designer is tough!) and inspire each other.

Jason Tiller

Head of Partnerships

Working within the Creative Launchpad community allows me to apply all of my experience and skills I have learnt over the years to this creative community. I've always loved building relationships and working with people. I really enjoy the fact that I can make a real world impact to help designers and their businesses succeed. 

Summer Calnan

Partner Executive

I love Creative Launchpad as I think it's a great way for people to come together! I was a stay-at-home mum and know that being home alone all day can be isolating, as we know being a freelancer can be at times too. I am passionate about community, being a part of something, and I love helping people.

Why join Creative launchpad?

Let’s be honest, freelancing is hard but this group is about growing your design business in a way that makes your business more effective and successful, with better client relationships and better lifestyle freedom. We provide paid business coaching courses for designers called Rocketspark Academy but this group is completely free with free training and advice.

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