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Celebrating Strength and Empowerment: Reflections from International Women's Day 2024

This International Women's Day, I had the wonderful opportunity to join a gathering that truly resonated with the spirit of celebration, reflection, and empowerment. As Kendyl, the Marketing Manager at Rocketspark and Conversation Starter for Creative Launchpad Community, I found myself immersed in an atmosphere of inspiration, surrounded by the vibrant community from the Raglan Business Chamber, at Rock-it in Raglan. The event was a profound reminder of the strength that lies within our collective stories and the invaluable advice shared among us as a community. As we eagerly listened to the incredible speaker’s perspectives and learnings from their unique journeys, several key messages struck a chord, offering both guidance and encouragement to navigate the intricate tapestry of our lives as women in business. Join me as I recap and explore these pearls of wisdom, with the hope that they ignite a spark of empowerment in each of us.

Overcoming the Feeling of Not Being Enough

One of the first insights shared was about the all-too-common feeling of not being enough or feeling paralysed by doubt. The remedy? Trusting in yourself and listening to others, even when you find yourself at odds with their views. This practice isn't just about finding common values; it's about enriching your perspective and challenging your own thinking. A poignant question was posed to us: "What is my genius?" This isn't about boasting or ego; it's about recognising your unique strengths and contributions. By acknowledging what we excel at, we can confidently leave other tasks to those who are better suited, freeing us from the urge to do it all. It's a liberating approach to personal and professional growth.

Life as a Game: Finding Joy and Excitement

The journey of life, with its ups and downs, was likened to a game—a perspective that invites us to find fun, joy, and excitement in the process. This mindset shift encourages us to approach challenges with a sense of playfulness and creativity, transforming obstacles into opportunities for learning and growth.

Fostering Unreasonable Confidence

How do we cultivate an unreasonable amount of confidence, especially in moments of doubt? The answer lies in the belief that everything is ‘figureoutable’. This powerful mantra reminds us that with determination, resourcefulness, and a bit of creativity, we can navigate any situation and emerge stronger on the other side.

The Best Piece of Advice: Embrace a Warrior Mindset

Perhaps the most striking piece of advice shared was the call to adopt a warrior mindset. This doesn't mean preparing for battle in the traditional sense, but rather, not negotiating with resistance. It's about standing firm in the face of challenges, doubts, and the internal voices that try to hold us back. By embodying this warrior spirit, we can push through barriers and reach new heights of achievement and self-discovery.

As we reflect on these messages, let's carry them forward in our hearts and minds, using them as a source of strength and inspiration. The journey ahead may be filled with unknowns, but with a community of supportive and empowering individuals by our side, there's nothing we can't achieve. So, here's to finding our genius, embracing joy in the journey, cultivating confidence, and adopting a warrior mindset. 

In celebration of International Women's Day, let's commit to uplifting each other, challenging the status quo, and building a future where every woman feels empowered to reach her full potential.