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8 little wins for clients and designers. Income generating ideas in recessionary times

Generating additional revenue as a freelance graphic designer during recessionary times, can be challenging yet possible through creative strategies for your website clients that can be produced efficiently and also create real value for your clients. This blog covers some simple and practical ways to achieve bite sized profitable growth. 

Landing page template for client websites

At Rocketspark we see time and again that if clients create pages on a very specific topic they can typically get good search rankings, especially if they have a blog or two on the same topic linking to the landing page and vice versa. 

An ideal landing page is very focussed on a particular topic that people are searching for. If you design an example landing page template for your client you don’t have to start from scratch if you’ve already designed the site. You can then give the client the choice of having you build out the other landing pages for them or provide some training for how the client could build the landing pages themselves. You might set a higher fee for the initial landing page example and a lower rate to create additional pages based on the same design.

Maintenance Packages

We know from when we used to design websites for clients that the sites can often lose a bit of shape over time as the client edits the content (and adds their own flair!). Some clients would appreciate monthly or quarterly maintenance packages to keep the site looking great.

Training Sessions

You can offer paid training sessions for your clients showing them how to update and manage their website effectively, how to interpret web analytics, or how to create engaging content.

SEO Services

If you’d not provide any SEO services when creating the client’s website you could provide specialised SEO services to improve the client's search engine rankings. This could include keyword research, creating SEO-focused content, and improving meta descriptions and tags on their website.

Website Audits and Updates

Offer to conduct website audits to evaluate usability, design, and content effectiveness. Based on the audit results, propose redesigns or content updates that could enhance the website's performance and user engagement.

Social Media Integration

Offer services to integrate their website more closely with social media platforms. This could include automating content sharing across platforms, adding social feed widgets, or creating landing pages for social media campaigns.

Email Marketing Services

Help clients set up or optimise their email marketing campaigns. This could involve integrating email marketing software with their website, designing email templates, and segmenting email lists for targeted marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Analyse existing website data to see how users interact with the website and propose changes to improve conversion rates. This can include A/B testing different elements of the site to see what generates better results.