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And that's a wrap! 

Brunch by the Beach in Papamoa, Tauranga on the 11th June 2024 was another hugely successful Creative Launchpad event, leaving graphic designers running their own businesses feeling inspired and more confident. We had a morning filled with inspirational speakers, a tasty brunch, fresh coffee and real conversations about the successes and struggles of running a design business.

Thanks to our keynote speaker Nigel Beach

Thanks to Nigel Beach sharing his knowledge of how we can better deal with our physical and mental wellness. We learnt about why we experience stress and how to deal with it, improved life style habits and breathing techniques for better overall mind and body function.

A massive thank you to our panelists 

Thanks to our panellists for sharing their experience and knowledge in the question and answer session, offering their practical advice from a wide range of topics from design process and client management to terms & conditions and pricing.

Kylie Darroch

Creative Current

Jess Morrissey

SWEA Design

Katrina Wilson

The Brand Merchant

Jeremy Johnson

Rocketspark co-founder

Community over competition

The atmosphere on the day was inspirational, friendly and collaborative. With a room full of designers who commonly work from home made the most of the community environment on the day, sharing their own experiences, tips and tricks about running a small design business. 

If you missed it, don't worry, there'll be more exciting events like this to come!

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